Kingdom Rush iPad Game Review

Kingdom Rush has the power to make its game players be engaged with the game. It has the charisma that drives the game players to love and keep playing this game again and again. This game is almost perfect.

Kingdom Rush kept the battle/defense-strategy genre alive. It is a job well done for Ironhide Game Studios. They made a terrific and wonderful game that gamers will enjoy and will continuously play. You will never feel the boredom whilst playing this fantastic iPad game. It seem that Ironhide Game Studios has a magic touch that made Kingdom Rush one of the most enjoyable and excellent game in the market today.

This action fantasy strategy game is available in App store only, and it is made much even better because it is now on high definition. It means more fun for all the game players out there. You will get thrilled of its game story line as you lay along. Defend your kingdom from monsters, trolls, bad wizards and other evil foes. Use various spells and magic against these evil monsters, command troops of soldiers and summon help from magical reinforcements. Free your kingdom from the power of darkness!

Be ready to fight enemies and powerful bosses in every quest in this game. Your battles can be in enchanted forest, wastelands or even in mountains full of monsters. There are so many upgradable items and soldiers in this game. You will definitely be having fun in creating strategies to defend your kingdom.

Kingdom Rush is in High www Definition, this has gathered many good comments but though, since this game is eating a big part of your iPad’s memory, do not forget to shutdown other applications that is running on the background so that you can avoid any inconvenience in playing this game. It is much better if Kingdom Rush is the only application that is running on your iPad; beside I don’t think you will need any other application, because the soundtrack is also great. It will make you feel that you are also a part of the game.

Graphic visual wise, I agree that Ironhide Game solutions are a great creator of iPad games. Their visuals are definitely awesome. As I mentioned a while ago, this game is nearly perfect. There are some flaws but you would not really mind it because they are so simple. You would even recognize it whilst playing, because as a game player you will definitely be enchanted be this game.

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