Studies Show That Online Gaming Can Add Years to Your Life

While it may sound strange, recent studies have found that gaming can help reduce overall stress levels and improve mood. It has long been established that excess stress can lead to a shorter life expectancy, and in fact, stress has been directly and indirectly linked to dozens of life-threatening health conditions, including heart disease and even cancer.

The direct effects of stress can lower the immune system, cause headaches and worsen irritable bowel syndrome, not to mention that there are also studies suggesting links between stress and cancer. However, stress can secondarily shorten life expectancy through harmful behaviors triggered by stress. These include habits such as overeating (stress eating), excessive drinking, and smoking. By finding healthier and less harmful ways to deal with stress, you can not only improve your longevity but also your quality of life.

However, new research suggests that gaming may be a viable alternative for reducing and coping with stress. A McGill University study revealed that after playing an เว็บแทงบอล online game, not only did gamers feel less stressed, but the stress hormone cortisol also decreased by an average of 17 percent in gamers. A six-month East Carolina University study of 134 subjects found that computer games could reduce stress and improve overall mood. Additionally, a study from the University of Oxford found that gaming can be effective in dealing with post-traumatic stress. Last but not least, an informal survey of blackjack players revealed that 74% of players felt that the games were a way to relieve stress and have fun. Those who reported that gambling did not help with stress generally played at higher stakes. An earlier survey of roulette players had roughly the same results: 77% found the game a good way to de-stress.

So while a lot of research is still being done on the subject, there seems to be some merit to the theory that the computer and even gambling can relieve stress and tension.

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